Astrology Predictions: How Accurate Is Astrology? 

The human race is known for its curiosity and its curiosity about their future is no less. You would have noticed that whenever someone is in bad state and cannot come out of it they start seeking an astrologer and bombard them with questions like when they will come out of the phase or rather how they can come out of the phase.

But the real question is, are astrologers genuine? Is their prediction accurate?

While the number of famous astrologer to have predicted the terms of future events quite successfully is many, their methods of prediction have been different. Some can simply look straight into the future (as they claim to do so), while others use tarot cards or astrological charts (which we call as horoscopes). Some even read the lines engraved in the palms of our hands. However, the fact that accurate predictions have been made a couple of times cannot be denied. And every successful prediction leads to the possibility of a correctly predicted future.

In the olden times, people held high value for astrologers. There was hardly any difference between an astrologer and an astronomer. In fact, astrology and astronomy were not considered as two different subjects. Rather they were studied as one. It may be surprising for you that most of the earlier renowned scientists, including Sir Isaac Newton, were astrologers.

“I have studied it, you have not!” – was the popular retort of Isaac Newton when he was confronted by his student Edmond Halley on the master’s faith in astrology. Many protest that astrology is no science as it doesn’t conform to the underlying principle of ‘fallibility’. However, we shouldn’t forget that ‘Every hypothesis is true until proven otherwise’.

There are many people who do not take a minute to swear by astrology. They consult the stars on each and every possible issue and they would let themselves be guided by their astrologer.

However, there is a large section of people who dis the astrologers. There are two main reasons for this, the first being, the astrologer’s predictions often go wrong and the second being the fact that different astrologers make different predictions over the same horoscope. It is these facts that force people to come to a conclusion that ‘Astrology’ is no science, but rather it is a means to fool innocent people for their benefit.

The above stated reason cannot be argued with. Nevertheless, there are some elements of prejudice against the study of Astrology. For example, consider this scenario.

If a doctor commits a mistake, it is his skills that are to be blamed rather than the Medical Science itself. However, if an astrologer fails, why is the study (Astrology that is considered as ‘pseudo-science’) is blamed and not the individual? If two doctors can come up with very different conclusions based on the same data, why is it that astrologers are not allowed to differ in their conclusions from each other?

Though there is so much more left to be discovered and studies about Astrology, it can be said affirmatively that it neither an illusion nor fraud – its accuracy depends on the astrologer.

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